First-Time Yacht Owners Order a 183-Foot Tankoa

The T560 Apache is a fully custom build that’s scheduled to be completed in late 2026.
Tankoa Yachts T560 Apache
The Tankoa Yachts T560 Apache is a fully custom superyacht for first-time owners. Courtesy Tankoa Yachts

Fraser sales broker J.D. Crawford had a challenge on his hands. It was autumn 2022 at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and American clients who’d never owned a yacht were laying out an extensive list of requirements for whatever boat they might buy.

“It became evident that a fresh approach was necessary,” says Crawford, who set up meetings with multiple shipyards that could produce what the clients envisioned.

Almost a year later, this past August, Crawford helped the clients sign with Tankoa Yachts in Italy. Their 183-foot, fully custom yacht—the T560 Apache—is scheduled to be completed in late 2026.

Article At-A-Glance

  • Alberto Mancini is the designer of the T560 Apache.
  • The 183-foot T560 Apache is based on the nearly 250-foot T760 Apache.
  • The owner’s deck is packed with private features.
  • Tankoa’s goal is to include amenities from 1,000-plus-gross-ton vessels.

Designed by Alberto Mancini

Alberto Mancini is an Italian yacht designer who got his start working with well-known industry leaders such as Officina Italiana Design, Ken Freivokh, Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard. In 2006, Mancini went out on his own with Team for Design. He’s been working steadily ever since.

The nearly 250-foot T760 Apache that Mancini unveiled at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show served as the inspiration for the recent sale of the 183-foot Tankoa T560 Apache.

Tankoa Yachts T560 Apache
The Tankoa T560 Apache has a deck dedicated to owners that includes its own pool. Courtesy Tankoa Yachts

Impressive Owner’s Deck

The Tankoa T560 Apache will not have an owner’s stateroom but instead will have an owner’s deck on an upper level. The sleeping area will be forward, providing panoramic views of the scenery all around the yacht. From here, the owners will have access to a private terrace that spans more than 900 square feet with an 18-foot pool as well as an outdoor lounge with a fire pit at its center.

Substantial Guest and Crew Spaces

Guest accommodations will be in five staterooms that are all located forward on the main deck—an unusual layout aboard a yacht in this size range. Generally speaking, this location affords guests larger windows for better views while eliminating the need to traverse stairs several times a day to reach the yacht’s lower level. On this yacht, the VIP stateroom will span the full beam.

Crew quarters will be on the lower deck of the Tankoa T560 Apache and will include a dedicated gymnasium for the crew to exercise. (The owner and guests have their own wellness center and gymnasium in separate areas on board.)

Tankoa Yachts T560 Apache
The beach club on the Tankoa T560 can be expanded, thanks to fold-down side balconies. Courtesy Tankoa Yachts

Beach Club Bonanza

As with just about all superyachts being built nowadays, the Tankoa T560 Apache will have a substantial beach club where guests can relax. According to Fraser’s team, the beach club will include drop-down side balconies that broaden the recreational space to nearly 1,000 square feet, all of it with unbeatable views and access to the water.

Tankoa Yachts T560 Apache
The Tankoa T560 Apache has a glass pool in its beach club. Courtesy Tankoa Yachts

Swimming On Board or Off

The beauty of having a beach club on a yacht is that guests can relax at water level, dipping in and out of a quiet, scenic bay for a refreshing swim or some fun on the water toys. Aboard the Tankoa T560 Apache, the beach club will also have a 13-foot glass pool for guests who prefer to cool off on board. Smoked glass in the transom will connect the inner portion of the beach club to the yacht’s exterior, while stairs to the main deck aft will lead to an upper terrace.

Where are the Tenders?

To make room for that beach club aft, designer Alberto Mancini drew a tender garage forward on the main deck, beneath the owner’s stateroom private terrace. This garage can hold and launch a 23-foot tender, along with a rescue boat and watertoys, freeing up the after portion of the yacht so it can be reserved exclusively for guest use.

What Else is Tankoa Yachts Doing?

The shipyard, which is on Italy’s western coast in Genoa, also recently sold Hull No. 1 of the TX450 Explorer Yacht. It’s a Giorgio Cassetta design with a length of 147 feet and, unusually, all guest staterooms located on the main deck. Delivery on the TX450 Explorer Yacht is expected in spring 2025.

Tankoa has 8 More Yachts in Build

Also in build right now at Tankoa Yachts are two S501s, two T450s, two T55 Sportiva hulls, a T580 Custom and the Tankoa Vitruvius 52, which is designed by Philippe Briand with batteries developed in conjunction with Siemens. Tankoa’s second hybrid superyacht, the 164-foot Kinda designed by Francesco Paszkowski, was delivered in 2022.

For Fans of Explorer Yachts

Last year, Tankoa unveiled a concept for the T500 Tethys Explorer Superyacht. It’s a 164-foot “SUV of the seven seas” intended for long-range voyages. Exteriors and interiors are by the Italian firm Hot Lab, which incorporated two convertible lower-deck spaces that can be outfitted as staterooms, a gym, an owner’s office or for other uses. Renderings of the T500 Tethys Explorer Superyacht also show a helipad aft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Tankoa Yachts been in business?

Since 2007. The company was created with help from former members of the management team at the Baglietto shipyard.

What does the word Tankoa mean?

It comes from the Genoese word for scorpion, “tancua.” A friend of the company owner, who was also a major shareholder, was a Scorpio.

Why does Tankoa call itself a boutique shipyard?

The idea is that it’s not mass-producing dozens and dozens of vessels each year. Instead, it delivers four or five annually.

Does Tankoa allow owners to customize their yachts?

Yes, up to and including fully custom builds.

Is it true that Tankoa’s clients are getting younger?

Yes. The yard’s team says some clients are in their 40s, and many are buying a yacht for the first time, even in the larger size ranges.