Hyfoil’s High-Performance RIB

The Hyfoil 22’s three hidden hydrofoils and RIB platform create a fast, efficient hull form.

Hyfoil 22
The Hyfoil 22 has stealthy hydrofoils between the RIB’s demihulls to deliver a fast, fuel-efficient and comfortable ride. Courtesy Hyfoil Marine

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The Hyfoil 22 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Its RIB-style appearance hints at its speed potential, but the boat’s true genius—a single dihedral-based main hydrofoil and twin stern foils—remains quietly concealed between its catamaran-type hulls. Light up the outboards, however, and the Hyfoil 22 quickly yields a dry, comfortable and fuel-efficient ride.

The Hyfoil 22’s three foils partially lift the hull from the water to reduce hydrodynamic resistance and bolster fuel efficiency while rewarding the driver with a well-mannered helm.

Whom It’s For: Boaters who want a fuel-efficient ride that delivers high-performance grins while still being able to negotiate skinny water or even slide up onto a beach.

Picture This: San Francisco Bay is running rough, but there’s sailboat racing to watch. You and your friends load up your Hyfoil 22 and let its wave-damping hull take the lumps, while its hydrofoils free you to chase the fast sleds.  

Take the next step: hyfoilmarine.com

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