Riviera Launches 6000th Yacht

The new yacht, a 5400 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition, is going to a 10-time Riviera owner.
Riviera Yachts
Riviera has launched its 6000th yacht, a 5400 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition. Courtesy Riviera

Riviera, the Australian luxury motor yacht builder, reached a historic milestone Monday, launching its 6000th motor yacht. 

The Iridium silver-hulled 5400 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition will be delivered to repeat Riviera yacht owners Peter and Denise Haig in Sydney, the company said in a news release. The couple has owned 10 Riviera yachts since purchasing their first in 1988, a 38 Open Flybridge. 

Haig touted Riviera’s success in the release, saying that maintaining the company’s Australian roots was a source of pride. 

“One of the most important points for me is that Riviera is totally Australian. We are proud that we own a world-class motor yacht that has been designed and built by brilliant and dedicated local craftspeople,” he said. 

Riviera Yachts
Riviera has a team of 950 craftspeople building about 150 yachts per year. Sixty percent of the builders’ vessels are exported globally. Courtesy Riviera

Riviera was founded in Sydney in 1980 before moving to Labrador on Queensland’s Gold Coast in 1981. The company later moved to Coomera. Where it opened the largest of its kind facility in the Southern Hemisphere. 

In its first year, the company built eight yachts. Now, Riviera creates around 150 per year, more than 60 percent of which are exported around the world. 

Riviera has built more than 800 sport yachts since launching the 3600 model in 2005, owner Rodney Longhurst said in the release. The company launched the Sport Yacht Platinum Edition in 2019. More than 230 of this exclusive edition have been launched since. 

Riviera Yachts
Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst (right) congratulates the yacht’s owner Peter Haig, a 10-time Riviera yacht owner. Courtesy Riviera

“This historic event reinforces Riviera’s reputation as one of the most sought-after motor yachts in the world,” Longhurst said. “To be successful on the highly competitive global stage of luxury boat building, you must have an absolute commitment to design, quality and owner care.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of our team, and I am grateful to all the Riviera owners around the world who not only enjoy our yachts themselves but share this wonderful experience with their family and friends.”