Enata To Build 55-foot Carbon Fiber Yacht

Enata is collaborating with Mirarri to construct a 55-foot express cruiser with a glass dome superstructure.
Enata 55-foot
This exterior rendering of the 55-foot Mirarri yacht depicts a sleek, aerodynamic design. The dynamic glass dome on top of the yacht is inspired by the intricate bone structure of birds. Courtesy Enata

Enata Marine has struck a deal to build yachts with Mirarri, a new luxury yacht brand from the United Arab Emirates. In a press release from the company on Tuesday, Enata announced its first collaboration with Mirarri to construct a 55-foot vessel with a full carbon fiber hull.

The new yacht–currently under construction–combines Rashed Al Shaali’s vision of the future of luxury yachting along with award-winning designer Timur Bozca and Enata. Rashed Al Shaali is a descendent of the Al Shaali family that founded the yacht brand Gulf Craft.

“Today, I am proud to launch Mirarri, a formidable collaboration between industry leaders Enata and Bozca,” Rashed Al Shaali said in an emailed press release. “I come from a long family history in the marine industry, having grown up surrounded by yachts and worked with esteemed companies such as Gulf Craft, Dubai Marine and Al Shaali Marine since my earliest days. While these experiences have been invaluable, they’ve also revealed to me the stagnation within the yachting industry, prompting my desire for change. This drove me to partner with Enata and Timur Bozca.”

While Dubai, UAE-based Enata is known for products like Foiler, the “Flying Yacht,”  80% of the company’s business stems from the business-to-business sector. Equipped with a large aerospace division, Enata’s products benefit from the precision and quality standards of the innovative aerospace industry.

“Our aerospace division plays a key role for the entire group as our quality standards,” Aloïs Vieujot, CEO of the Enata Group, told Yachting. “The standards in the aerospace industry are much much higher than in the marine industry. This plays a key role in the quality of engineers, materials, machines, and processes we use.”

Enata 55-foot
An interior rendering of the new 55-foot Mirarri yacht showcases one of its two full-beam staterooms. Courtesy Enata

“To give you an idea, if one of our drones is a couple grams too heavy, it doesn’t fly, but if a boat is a couple tonnes over weight, it still floats,” Vieujot added. “That is why we train everyone in the aerospace division of ENATA for them to have the quality and attention to detail needed to meet that standard, which is then brought to the marine products, and all our other products.”

Vieujot said that the new yacht will also incorporate Enata’s Wingman system as featured on the Foiler. This will allow the owner to remotely control various aspects of the yacht, perform over-the-air updates, conduct diagnostics and implement preventative maintenance.

“We are extremely proud to serve as Mirarri’s manufacturing partner,” Vieujot said. “The Mirarri yacht represents a significant advancement for the boating industry, made possible through Rashed’s vision and expertise, our manufacturing prowess, and Timur’s talent. The vessel’s full carbon hull and interior are seamlessly integrated into our facilities.”

Designing the Mirarri yacht

The design of the Mirarri yacht includes themes of futuristic and organic structures with plenty of luxury amenities for the owner. Built with carbon fiber, kevlar and titanium materials, the new yacht balances lightness with exceptional strength.

“In standard boat building, people usually apply carbon or glass fiber by hand and trim manually as they see fit,” Vieujot said. “Sometimes even using a glass gun to throw small cuts of glass fiber onto a surface. This is time efficient but doesn’t allow you to have very accurate production and control over the weight and quality. In our case, we precut the layers with our robots to the exact shape and size needed, allowing for no excess, nor areas to be missed, and keep control of the weight and quality of our final product.”

Enata 55-foot
The salon is surrounded by glass, eliminating the visual boundaries between inside and outside. Courtesy Enata

“We also use a lot more unique materials like kevlar and titanium, and higher quality carbon fiber, and techniques found in aerospace that aren’t usually used in the marine sector, at effectively very little or no extra cost,” Vieujot added.

The ship’s full-beam superstructure is adorned with a dynamic glass dome, bathing the interior in natural light. Mirarri’s BBQ and bar area situated on the aft deck provides a venue for social gatherings and dining. The lower deck features two full-beam cabins, adorned with vibrant colors and contemporary design elements.

“When I met Rashed and he shared his vision for Mirarri and the collaboration with Enata, I knew it was going to be something extraordinary,” Bozca said via press release. “This collaboration resonated with my passion for unique materials and design concepts. Rashed sought not only innovative design but also a distinctive sensory experience.”

The first Mirarri yacht is currently under construction and expected to be delivered in 2025.