19 Outrageous Yacht Designs

Here at Yachting we get to see some pretty crazy designs. Here are our picks for the 19 most outrageous yachts.

Most Outrageous Designs: Czyzewski-Design

1. Czyzewski-Design released images of their new concept yacht that looks like it’s straight out of Star Wars. Currently, there are no specifications on the yacht’s length. For more renderings of this awesome yacht, click here!
2. Not much is known about this new concept yacht. To see more images of this incredible design, click here!
3. Zaha Hadid created five different-length versions of Unique Circle Yachts for Blohm+Voss , which is still looking for a first buyer to fulfill the concept. To read the full article and see a video of the superyacht, click here… Courtesy Blohm+Voss

Most Outrageous Boats: Pastrovich 55M X-Easy

4. Pastrovich Studio in Monaco has become known in recent years for its style-pushing designs, but with the new 55M X-Easy concept yacht, the team aimed for what it calls “a less-extreme boat.” To see more images of this incredible yacht, click here!
5. What the helipad? Yacht and car designer Edward Gray combined his passions to create the Xhibitionist, a yacht with a fold-out helipad and sports-car styling. Click here for more eye-catching photos. Courtesy Gray Design
Courtesy Wally
7. With some things, bigger is not always better, and naval architect Ward Setzer thinks sport-­fishing boats are among them. To read the full article, click here… Courtesy Setzer-Blount
8. Christian grande, who since 1992 has designed more than 100 yachts for Italian and other shipyards, conceived the 71-foot Picchio Boat as a power catamaran that makes the destination an ever-changing part of the decor. To read the full article, click here… Courtesy Christian Grande
9. The ability to escape to your own private island isn’t a new fantasy, but it may soon be available in ways we never dreamed possible. Check out this self-sustaining 10,000-square-foot yacht-island recently released by Orsos Island GmbH. Click here for more photos. Courtesy Orsos Island GmbH
10. We know, we know — we’re not sure how to describe it, either. This 420-foot concept superyacht has been described as everything from skeletal to a bird’s nest. Click here for more must-see photos. Courtesy Blohm and Voss
11. The world’s largest superyacht Azzam makes our list for her sheer size. The 590-footer was launched by Lürssen in April of 2013 and reported cost $620 million to build. Click here to read more. Courtesy Lürssen
12. Austrian-based design firm Motion Code: Blue has released renderings for what the company says is the world’s first submersible yacht. Her cylindrical hull resembles modern navy submarines, but there is no confusing this ship with a war machine, thanks to the bar, in-deck pool, lounge areas, sun beds and helipad. Click here for more jaw-dropping renderings. Courtesy Motion Code: Blue
13. Luiz de Basto sees himself as a creative type in a world of compliance officers. When he designed the Top Deck 51 as the second model in the Astondoa line (after the 63), he took incoming fire at conference tables. To read the full article, click here… Courtesy Luiz de Basto

Most Outrageous Desings: Glider XD18

14. McCall spent months designing his Wave Dominator hull form. Now, after eight years and thousands of hours of design, structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics and wind-tunnel testing, he is ready to build his Glider XD18. To see more images of this awesome concept and to read more about the design, click here!
15. The late Steve Jobs’ DeVries-built, Philippe Starck-designed superyacht Venus has been described as looking “like a stack of the latest Apple products: an iPhone resting on an iPad, hovering above a Macbook Pro.” Click here to see an eye-catching video. YouTube

Most Outrageous Designs: Hull Vane

16. Peter Van Oossanen, a Netherlands-based naval architect, came up with the idea for the Hull Vane while doing model tests for America’s Cup sailing yachts. To read the rest of the article, click here… Courtesy Heesen
17. Nearly 4,000 years after Noah built the ark, Dutch boat builder Johan Huibers decided to follow in his footsteps and build one of his own. Click here to read more. Courtesy Ark Van Noach
18. Mini and yacht are two words seldom combined, but mini yacht is the best way to describe the Jet Capsule from Lazzarini Design. At first glance it resembles an egg floating on top of the water. However, once you get past the 25-foot-long, 8-foot-wide shell, you’ll find a pretty sweet center with seating for eight, teak decks, a head and a convertible stateroom with luxurious fit and finish. Propelled by a Hamilton water jet, the capsule is capable of 25 knots and is easily maneuverable, according to Lazzarini. Her builders envision the Jet Capsule serving a variety of service roles, such as those of an emergency rescue craft or armored military vessel. Underwater LED lighting helps her stand out in the crowd at night (as if that were ever really an issue). Click here to read more. Courtesy Lazzarini Design Studio
19. It’s a boat! It’s a plane! It’s a boat falling from a plane! Nearly 60 years after Uffa Fox designed the first lifeboat to be airdropped from a plane, Hodgdon Defense Composites, an affiliate of Maine-based Hodgdon Yachts, and Rapid Response Technology have perfected the task. Click here for more photos. Courtesy Hodgdon Defense Composites

Azzam: World’s Largest Superyacht!

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