Yacht and car designer Edward Gray combined his passions to create the Xhibitionist, a yacht with a fold-out helipad and sports-car styling.

Xhibitionist Concert

Not taking the helicopter today? Land a band and sound system on this platform, and you'll have the ingredients for a wicked waterfront party.

Xhibitionist Guest

Options for interior layouts are plentiful.

Xhibitionist Helipad

As is the case with his super cars, Gray wants the masses to be awed when the hood of the Xhibitionist is popped. For example, pushing a button summons a fold-out helipad from the sleek bow.

Xhibitionist at Night

Xhibitionist at Night

From the wheel-well-inspired lines, visible in th eprofile view, to the steeply raked windshield, sloped hood and Ferrari-like bow, the lines between auto and boat are blurred.


Designer Edward Gray utilizes custom glass partitions with Nuance smart shading that turn translucent social spaces into private quarters at the swipe of a fingertip, for an ever-changing living space.

Xhibitionist Interior

One design approach Gray recommends is moving all of the furniture to port and using the starboard side as a floating showroom for a half-dozen cars.

Xhibitionist Exterior

Xhibitionist Exterior

Xhibitionist Aerial