5 Reasons to Become a Pod Person

Designers of the Jet Capsule think they’re onto the next great boat design.

November 27, 2013

Jet Capsule

The Jet Capsule is a 25-foot pod-boat design.

Lazzarini Design Studio in Rome has introduced a new design called the Jet Capsule, which is, well, let’s go ahead and call it a 25-foot boat that the team thinks has lots of purposes, from being a tender to a day-trip launch.

Wired magazine calls the Jet Capsule a “teeny-weeny pod of luxury” with seating for eight, a rooftop sunbathing space, a diving platform, a convertible bed and the ability to add a kitchen to the inside compartment.

We’re not exactly sure what to call the primary design, but all of the possible variations led us to think of five reasons that you might want to become a pod person and add one to your fleet:


• The Angel Capsule version is so darn precious, we’re certain that your friends on the docks will start referring to you as “bubble boy.”

• The Jet Taxi incarnation puts a rooftop sign where the sunbathing space would otherwise be, giving us all the chance we’ve forever coveted to advertise the latest Broadway musicals atop our boats.

• The Party Capsule design is shown with a Red Bull paint scheme and a pair of giant, tube-shaped subwoofers on the roof. Sure, they look like exposed torpedo bays, but what better way to blast your favorite tunes across the harbor?


• The Emergency Capsule has a paint job like an ambulance, and we’re guessing that everybody waiting for bridge openings on crowded summer Saturdays will move out of the way so you can go through first.

• The Armored Capsule — with a reinforced steel layer and bulletproof glass shields — will scare the heck out of anybody who thinks it’s fun to churn up the water in a no-wake zone. Wetsuit, shmetsuit. Throw a pair of camouflage fatigues into this tender and have your way around the anchorage.


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