Win the World Series, Buy a … Duck Boat?

Boston Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy spends $75,000 on World War II vessel Charlie River.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy, with cash to burn after the team's recent World Series win, just plunked down $75,000 to own Charlie River, a World War II duck boat. It's the same duck boat on which Peavy was photographed celebrating following Game Six in Boston.

“It was not, I repeat not, an impulse purchase,” Peavy told the_ Boston Herald_ after fans and the media gave him some good-natured ribbing.

“Not an impulse purchase” are, of course, the famous last words from every owner of a recently purchased boat — but we do appreciate the history of duck boats and all that they mean to the city of Boston, and we’re thrilled whenever anybody buys a boat of historical significance.

So here's to Peavy and Charlie River, which he plans to keep at his 5,000-acre ranch in Alabama. He's having the amphibious craft repainted to say "Boston Strong" and "Red Sox," and to show a painting of the World Series trophy off to everyone who boats nearby along the Alabama River. (Which, presumably, could use a few more Red Sox fans…)