WheelHouse Technologies, Inc. Launches WheelHouse Mobile

WheelHouse MobileSM to provide real time maintenance alerts on smart phones.

(Hudson, MA, August 1, 2011) WheelHouse Technologies, Inc. announced today that it launched WheelHouse MobileSM providing real time maintenance alerts and maintenance update capabilities from any smart phone through the cellular network. WheelHouse Mobile is a customer driven enhancement to WheelHouse that is said to provide a fast and easy way to receive maintenance alerts and update maintenance using their mobile device.

According to the company, WheelHouse Mobile takes advantage of smart phone technology and provides an easy to use application wherever a cellular signal is available. With the ever expanding coverage area provided by the top tier cellular providers, owners and their captains will find WheelHouse Mobile a tool to stay up to date on maintenance alerts for their yacht.

WheelHouse Mobile is available to all current and future WheelHouse yacht and fleet users and is included at no additional cost in their WheelHouse subscription. Users will receive maintenance alerts via a brief email message as they are triggered. They can then update the maintenance task, identify parts used, and record other maintenance notes. Data entered on the smart phone is dynamically uploaded to the WheelHouse cloud and is immediately available on any web-connected device.

Like WheelHouse for web, the mobile application does not require an application download to the mobile device. Users can just click the email link in the maintenance alert email, or the shortcut icon on their phone, and start reviewing and updating maintenance.

According to the company, WheelHouse Mobile is another step in their pursuit to deliver easy to use content that helps owners, captains, and engineers maintain their vessel or fleet. For more information, visit www.wheelhousetech.com.

About WheelHouse Technologies, Inc.
WheelHouse Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2006 by a submarine service veteran and USCG Licensed Master with a vision to improve the availability and reliability of yachts and workboats through sound maintenance practices. The company provides WheelHouse Yacht Solutions and WheelHouse Fleet Solutions, a computerized maintenance management system operating in the cloud for single vessels and fleets. In addition, the company provides related products and services including SeaKits Brand Kits, Global Parts Logistics, and Owners/Systems Manuals. WheelHouse Technologies products and services are available through leading boat builders and company direct.