Vripack, Nobiskrug Collaborate on Hybrid Concept

The 183-foot concept yacht has unconventional styling based on high-end residences in Hong Kong and Dubai.

Vripack Superyacht aft section
Vripack's 183-foot concept yacht design includes hybrid power and a substantial amount of structural glass.Courtesy Vripack

The yacht design firm Vripack, in the Netherlands, and the yachtbuilder Nobiskrug, in Germany, have collaborated on a 183-foot hybrid concept yacht.

Styling is unconventional, with inspiration coming from high-end residences in Hong Kong and Dubai, and with a young Middle Eastern or Asian owner in mind. The layout includes four equal-size staterooms on one side, and an open-plan gymnasium on the other, all near an asymmetric hallway.

“What is prime is the flow of people on board, and how the layout is completely derived from giving the maximum user experience,” Vripack co-Creative Director Marnix Hoekstra stated in a press release. “Hallways are shaped wider when you enter them and narrower when you exit, so that it draws you in; the shape invites you on board.”

Structural glass makes up a substantial portion of the concept, including a glass balustrade that runs the length of the yacht.

“It’s a project that takes glass to the next level, optimizing all that the material has to offer,” Joost Mertens, a Vripack designer, stated in the same press release. “All the side walls of the superstructure are made of glass. There is no metal at all. The design is not constrained by any traditional yachting design rules.”

A new power idea: The hybrid propulsion system was developed for the concept. Vripack says the engines are "pancake-like," going flat and wide instead of up, so as not to affect the design of the yacht itself.

For more information, visit: vripack.com