Visit the Genoa International Boat Show

Christopher Columbus’ homeport hosts.

Genoa International Boat Show

This weekend marks the beginning of the 50th Genoa International Boat Show (October 2-10, 2010) — so if you’re one of those silly people who need a reason to go to Italy, this is a good one.

The show will feature 2,300 boats, including 500 of them afloat near the main entrance to Genoa’s harbor, in a complex that covers 25 acres. Of course, there are Italian yachts galore, but a good third of the exhibitors are international.

Even if you’re not in the market for a new boat, the European shows are a great place to pick up new ideas and great accessories. And the entire city of Genoa, which is inescapably nautical anyway, gets caught up in the International Boat Show.

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