Vesper Marine’s new Class B AIS

The XB-6000 combines AIS, GPS and NMEA instrument data onto a single screen.

XB-6000 Class B AIS

Courtesy Vesper

Vesper Marine has released the XB-6000 Class B AIS. Its black-box transponder has an NMEA 2000 gateway and GPS antenna that integrates AIS, GPS and NMEA instrument data into a display on any AIS-compatible chartplotter, multifunction display or personal computer.

The transponder has a built-in internal GPS antenna, which means there’s no need for external mounts in many installations. The unit’s GPS can be used as a yacht’s primary location-information source for chartplotters and multifunction displays, further reducing the need to install multiple mounts. And unlike other black-box devices that have cable ends sticking out, the XB-6000 has all cable connections within the device footprint.

“AIS transponders are becoming the standard for recreational and commercial vessels of all sizes,” Vesper Marine CEO Jeff Robbins stated in a press release. “Our XB-6000 is designed to make AIS easy to install for everyone.”

Waterproof design: the XB-6000 is rated IPx7, which makes it submersible in a little more than 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

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