Security Packages for Superyachts

KVH and GOST have teamed up to combine products for superyacht owners.
KVH CommBox Edge
KVH says that its CommBox Edge Communications Gateway “delivers seamless integration and control for every communication channel found aboard commercial and leisure vessels, including 5G/LTE, VSAT, Starlink, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and more.” Courtesy KVH

KVH and GOST are two of the best-known brand names in marine electronics and security. KVH provides connectivity solutions ranging from maritime VSAT to Starlink, while GOST products allow for wireless security, monitoring, satellite tracking and more on board.

Now, the two companies are teaming up to offer exclusive superyacht packages for security, access control and video surveillance. At the recent Palm Beach International Boat Show, KVH and GOST announced that the packages combine GOST Apparition and GOST Watch HD with the KVH CommBox Edge Communications Gateway.

“The combination of award-winning security technology with world-class network and bandwidth management offers a versatile and powerful solution for yacht owners and crews,” Jim George, vice president of global leisure sales at KVH, stated in a press release. “Our new CommBox Edge Communications Gateway delivers seamless integration and control, consolidating GOST’s proprietary security technology with all external and local communication networks on the vessel.”

Brian Kane, chief technology officer at GOST, stated in the press release that the “Superyacht Security Packages include everything needed to remotely monitor all activities on board the vessel from anywhere in the world via computer or smartphone.”

GOST Apparition
GOST says Apparition is a “cutting edge touchscreen marine security monitoring and tracking system” that is designed “with large yachts in mind,” and is controlled with interactive touchscreen keypads. Courtesy GOST

According to the companies, the benefits are that yacht owners, captains and crew can use these Superyacht Security Packages to watch live video of the yacht as it leaves the harbor, or to view activities in the salon, staterooms or engine room, all via the GOST iPhone and Android apps.

Cameras can be set to record clips on motion detection. The security system will send push notices globally via KVH communication channels. At the same time, the CommBox Edge Cloud Portal and mobile application offer real-time control and reporting on yacht data usage, network activity and status of connectivity.

Can the Superyacht Security Packages be ordered with other services? Yes. Value-added services in addition to the Superyacht Security Packages include KVH Elite unlimited streaming. It has no overage or usage limits for streaming HD-quality entertainment anywhere on board. The KVH Elite service is available as a fixed weekly or monthly subscription, with daily extensions available and reservations extending beyond seven days. This service is compatible with all KVH 60 cm and 1 m hybrid and VSAT terminals, as well as with all KVH OpenNet terminals 60 cm and larger with no modifications necessary.

What about additional products from GOST? Its systems can focus on monitoring against everything from theft, fire and smoke to high water, low voltage, loss of shore power and intrusion.

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