Travel Gear

Check out some great gear from this month's issue.

UNDERWATER VIEW: The VideoRay is a robotic camera that lets a boat owner check an anchor line, inspect potential hull damage, or even look at fish and coral-all without getting wet. Models, which start at $5,995 for the eight-pound Scout, can be equipped with sonar, global positioning, and video cameras.

REEL TOUGH: The ZeeBaas ZX2 is a rod for all seasons, as good in the surf as it is on a placid lake. This reel features dual line rollers for quick adjustments, six different spool sizes for easy modifications, and provides up to 35 pounds of pressure. At $1,300, it operates quietly and can be maintained by its owner.

SEA CRUISE: Germán Frers has designed a soft trunk and garment bag that harken back to the days of luxury travel. Both are fully waterproof, collapsible for tight places, with individual compartments for wardrobe separation. At $4,790 for the trunk and $3,480 for the bag, they look right at home in an airport, too. Available at Barneys and Saks.

FORCE OF NATURE: The Aegis jacket, weighing in at only seven ounces, keeps you warm, dry, and moving comfortably in the worst weather. Special features include high capacity pockets with waterproof zips, a watch window that lets you keep your cuff sealed, and an iPod pocket that keeps the good tunes rolling. $350.