Tagged Shark Surprises Researchers

Lydia, a 2,000-pound great white, is the first known shark to swim across the Atlantic.

Ocearch track of shark Lydia

At Ocearch.org, you can see where the great white shark Lydia has been -- and where she is now.

About a year ago in the waters off Jacksonville, Florida, researchers tagged a 14-foot, 2,000-pound great white shark they named Lydia. A year later, she has become the first known shark ever to swim across the Atlantic Ocean, helping to increase understanding of how sharks live and move across great distances.

“Lydia’s remarkable trans-ocean journey reminds us that no one locality, state or nation owns these remarkable migrators of the sea,” said Bob Hueter of Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, as reported on www.grindtv.com. “If we are to save the sharks, we have an obligation not only to protect them in our waters, but also to work with other countries towards global conservation of sharks.”

Overall, Lydia has traveled about 19,000 miles since being tagged. You can see her route, along with where she is right now, by using the “shark tracker” at www.ocearch.org.