Swim Safely Off the Boat

Portable swimming pool attaches to any yacht to offer security in unknown waters.

magic swim


A portable pool attaches to the stern of your vessel and provides an alternative to swimming unprotected in unfamiliar water. While not a substitution for proper supervision, the Magic Swim pool will keep children from straying too far from the boat. Euroship designed the Magic Swim to provide peace of mind for boaters who want to cool off but minimize exposure to what may be lurking in the depths. Seawater passes into the pool through filters that keep unwanted creatures out, such as jellyfish. The pool attaches to the stern and sides of the vessel at four points. The sides of the pool are easily inflated with a compressor. Weighing approximately 25 pounds and collapsing to fit inside a large duffle bag, the pool stows in a locker or lazarette and takes just five minutes to assemble, according to the manufacturer.