Superyacht — aka Dog Quarantine

Russian billionaire pays New Zealand a fee to keep pooch onboard, not in a facility.

February 28, 2014

Blohm + Voss superyacht A

The superyacht A will be used to quarantine the owner’s dog in New Zealand, instead of having the pooch in a regular facility upon entering the country from abroad.

Here’s one we haven’t heard before: A Russian billionaire has paid an undisclosed sum to the government of New Zealand to skip routine dog-health procedures and instead use his superyacht as the pooch’s place of quarantine upon entering the country.

Andrey Melnichenko reportedly traveled Down Under to check in at Wynyard Quarter in Auckland, where his 390-foot Blohm + Voss_ A_ is getting a paint job. The yacht is named for Melnichenko’s wife, Aleksandra, who travels everywhere in the company of her purebred Maltese named Vala.

The couple apparently didn’t want little Vala sitting in quarantine like all the other common pups entering New Zealand, so they cut a deal with Kiwi officials to use_ A_ as Vala’s quarantine facility instead.


According to the Ministry from Primary Industries, a veterinarian would be sent to meet the Melnichenkos’ private jet and accompany the dog aboard the yacht for 10 days. (Nice work if you can get it!)


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