Supermodels, Yachts, and Real Estate

An entrepreneur takes clients out on a yacht filled with super models.

June 9, 2010


Zampolli takes clients aboard his Baia One French Yacht Paolo Zampolli

New York City Entrepreneur and real estate broker Paolo Zampolli takes his clients to see their potential homes by way of the Hudson River.Zampolli brings his top end clients aboard his $800,000 Baia One Italian Yacht. While this sales tactic is common practice in Florida, Zampolli is the first to bring this concept to the Northeast.

Leaving from Chelsea Piers in Manhattan, Zampolli shows his clients buildings from the yacht. After they select buildings they would like to see up close, Zampoli then takes them for a site tour in his Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Sparing no expense to ensure his clients receive high-end treatment he fills his vessel with super models that double as brokers from ID Model, an agency he owns.


“Runway, catwalk, real estate,” said Angie Everhart, a model and broker for Zampolli. “I really don’t see the tie-in, but you have to be good with people.

“They are beautiful ladies and they are used to meeting the most rich and powerful people in the world,” said Zampolli.


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