Nuvolari Lenard Unveils 328-Foot Concept Yacht

Project Vento is a super-sailing yacht designed for eco-friendly cruising.

June 15, 2021
Nuvloari Lenard Project Vento
Project Vento is a 328-foot super-sailing yacht concept from Nuvloari Lenard. Courtesy Nuvolari Lenard

Nuvolari Lenard used the occasion of the Venice Boat Show to unveil Project Vento, a 328-foot super-sailing yacht designed for eco-friendly cruising.

Project Vento is not a sail-assisted motoryacht, but instead a true sailing yacht that uses wind as its natural propulsion force. The design firm says the reverse bow allows the waterline length to be extended to its maximum, increasing stability and performance. Reduced drag would mean lower power requirements under sail or power, and the sloping stern sail’s reduced volume would equate to less impact on overall displacement.

Construction would be in aluminum with advanced-composite superstructures and masts, further reducing weight for better performance.


Nuvolari Lenard turned to Omer Wing-Sail to create the concept yacht’s Wing Sail, which is more like the setups on recent America’s Cup hulls than those on traditional rigs. The design team says a retractable keel would make it possible to go from a draft of 18 feet to nearly 30 feet, while the carbon masts would measure 210 feet and support a total sail area of 22,600 square feet.

Engine propulsion would be hybrid-electric.

“Being environmentally conscious has to become a way of being, as well as a way of thinking,” engineer Carlo Nuvolari stated in a press release. “There’s nothing stopping us from thinking about a truly green large yacht. It’s not difficult to achieve major results. You just have to stop being traditionalist and take a risk, going back to the basics: building a sailing yacht that really uses sails and is really efficient.”


Does Nuvolari Lenard have the background to produce a yacht of Project Vento’s scale? Yes, indeed. The firm has spent decades working with builders including Oceanco, Palmer Johnson, Perini Navi and CRN.

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