KVH Unveils TracPhone LTE-1 Global

The system gives recreational boaters Internet access up to 20 miles offshore.

July 6, 2021
KVH TracPhone LTE-1 Global
KVH’s TracPhone LTE-1 Global gives recreational boaters Internet access up to 20 miles offshore. Courtesy KVH

KVH has introduced TracPhone LTE-1 Global, a marine communications system designed to give recreational boaters Internet access up to 20 miles offshore, in more than 150 countries.

The system uses LTE Advanced (LTE-A) cellular network technology, which KVH says is faster than regular 4G LTE. It builds on the company’s award-winning TracPhone LTE-1, which was introduced in 2018.

With a 13.5-inch dome, the TracPhone LTE-1 Global is suitable for small and midsize recreational boats including center consoles and sportfishers whose skippers often rely on cellphones for Internet access close to shore. The TracPhone LTE-1 Global is designed to enable various applications, such as streaming HD videos and music; Wi-Fi-based voice, messaging, collaboration and video applications; browsing the Internet; and posting on social media.


“The affordable, easy-to-install system means boaters can enjoy their connected lives while on the water,” Brent Bruun, chief operating officer for KVH, stated in a press release.

What’s part of the TracPhone LTE-1 Global system? A dual high-gain antenna array, modem, GPS and Wi-Fi inside the dome, with a multicarrier SIM to allow switching and roaming between LTE-equipped carriers. A single cable connects the antenna to a belowdecks power-over-ethernet.

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