Intellian Releases Ku-Ka Convertible VSAT Terminal

The Intellian v130NX is built for superyachts that cruise offshore.

Intellian v130NX
The Intellian v130NX is designed for yachts that cruise offshore. It supports Ku- and Ka-band networks, and is compatible with GEO, MEO and LEO satellite constellations.Courtesy Intellian

Intellian has released the latest model in its NX Series of VSAT antennas. It’s called the v130NX, and it’s being marketed as the world’s first Ku-Ka convertible VSAT terminal with a 1.25-meter reflector.

The Intellian v130NX is designed for superyachts and other vessels that cruise offshore. In addition to supporting Ku- and Ka-band networks, it is compatible with GEO, MEO and LEO satellite constellations.

Installation is intended to be easy, with a single cable that combines Tx, Rx and DC power. A new AptusNX interface lets the antenna connect to any network, and provides remote access.

“With lower total cost of ownership and incredible performance, the v130NX offers the quality and reliability that our customers demand for better crew and guest connectivity, as well as digital vessel operations and fleet management,” Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian, stated in a press release.

What else is new at Intellian? The company unveiled a matching dome concept that lets yachts with NX Series antennas of any size fit the same dome to their Intellian satellite TV antennas, for better aesthetic symmetry.

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