SPOT Connect Smartphone Pairing

With SPOT's new service smartphone users can send messages via the Globalstar satellite network.

SPOT Connect

We've all been there — you head out of the inlet, start to cruise offshore and remember you should tell someone your float plan. So you reach for your smartphone but, wait, what's this? No service? Too bad you didn't get the SPOT Connect, a new satellite communicator capable of sending messages over the Globalstar satellite network from smartphone operators. Simply download the SPOT Connect app and the SPOT Connect wirelessly synchs up (via Bluetooth) with your Android smartphone (additional operating systems are slated to be announced later this year). "When paired with the SPOT Connect, your everyday smartphone overcomes traditional limitations associated with cellular coverage," says Peter Dalton, president of Spot LLC, "keeping you better connected to your personal contacts and social groups like Facebook and Twitter." For more on the new service, visit