Singapore Photo Gallery

We launch a brand-new Grand Banks 47 Heritage Classic with a cruise around Singapore, plus a side trip to exotic Langkawi.

Grand Banks 47 Heritage Classic

Traditional Thai houses in Langkawi, on the Malaysia-Thailand border.Gary John Norman


Hull number one, Grand banks 47 Heritage Classic, in Singapore.Gary John Norman

Grand Banks 47 Heritage Classic

A Chinese temple in Singapore.Gary John Norman


The 2006 Eastbay 47 in Langkawi with a custom hardtop to protect against the tropic sun.Gary John Norman


The Eastbay cruising among some of the smaller, greener islands in the Langkawi chain.Gary John Norman


Singapore, the economic bridge between east and west, is one of the busiest ports in the world.Gary John Norman


The author, Peter A. Janssen.Gary John Norman


One of the islands white-sand beaches with luch rainforests as a backdrop.Gary John Norman


The Eastbay 47 between two of the islands in Langkawi's 99-island archipelago.Gary John Norman

Grand Banks 47 Heritage Classic

A typical Malay-Chinese dinner in Langkawi, with views of peaceful rice paddies and water buffalo in the background.Gary John Norman


Gary John Norman