A Signature Drink

Grands Banks has created a signature drink that's as classic as the Grand Banks 42.

September 6, 2011

Grand Banks Cocktail

Dark rum, lime, a dash of ginger beer and a touch of spiced spirits work together to refresh you when the weather is steamy and to warm you when the air is chilly. If your local liquor store doesn’t carry falernum, our friends at Grand Banks have shared this version with us:

What is falernum?
Falernum can be difficult to find — and it’s also fun to really personalize the on board cocktail with a homemade version.

Galley-brew falernum
• Combine 8 ounces white rum with 40 whole cloves
in a sealed jar and soak for 48 hours
• Remove lid and add the zest of 9 limes
• Add 1½ ounces julienned fresh ginger
Re-seal the jar and allow the mixture to soak for
24 more hours. Strain through moistened cheesecloth,
squeezing the solids to extract the last bits of liquid.


To complete, add the following, then mix, and serve:
• ¼ teaspoon almond extract
• 14 ounces 2:1 simple syrup
• 4½ ounces fresh strained lime juice


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