Shipwrecks of Delmarva - Get the Locations

Shipwrecks of Delmarva is a stunning cartographic piece.

Shipwrecks around the Delmarva Peninsula

How many shipwrecks have there been in the Chesapeake Bay area since the mid-1600s? 1,000? 1,500? Try north of 2,400. Don't believe us? Well, pick up the new "Shipwrecks of the Delmarva" map from National Geographic and see for yourself. The map, from author Don Shomette and cartographer Robert Pratt, shows the locations of more than 2,400 shipwrecks around the Delmarva Peninsula, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic coast.

Using insets, captions and drawings, the map highlights the historical causes of shipwrecks including weather, pirates, mutiny, war, shoals and almost every other event that could send a ship to Davy Jones' locker.