Stay fit and ready for adventure in your next port of call with exercise gear you can use en route.


Row and Stow

The Model E Indoor Rower ($1,260) from Concept 2 combines innovative technology with marine-friendly materials. Built to withstand corrosion, the Model E has a nickelplated steel chain and welded steel legs for stability. The PM4 exercise monitoring system lets you keep an eye on your workout progress, including pace, calories burned, distance traveled, favorite workouts, and even a pace boat to chase.

Concept 2, (800) 245- 5676, ****

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Workout Time

The Polar FT80 G1 watch ($496) is just the tool for cruisers looking to bring their workout to the next level. The FT80 G1 has a built-in computer that helps you attain maximum efficiency in workouts and reach your exercise targets for cardio and strength training. A built-in program provides weekly workout targets and displays calories burned after exercising. A GPS sensor measures speed and distance on land-based jaunts, and you can use the included Polar FlowLink to connect your watch to a website that analyzes your results.

Polar USA, (800) 227-1314; ****

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Sit and Spin

****The Verseo Freedom Cycle ($119) is a compact stationary bike small enough to fit under a desk or galley table. What sets the Freedom Cycle apart from other compact stationary units is its motor, which allows for continuous exercise without the same amount of strenuous effort required with similar compact pedal machines. The Freedom Cycle has four speeds and a handheld display that shows rotations and calories burned.

Verseo, (845) 765-2200; ****

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Baselayer Essential

The Capilene 4 Zip-Neck ($85) from Patagonia is just the thing to keep you warm during those early morning workouts on the foredeck. Made from 5.3-ounce Polartec Power Dry polyester (47 to 54 percent recycled), the soft and stretchy fabric of the Capilene 4 is perfect for layering under an offshore jacket for a chilly morning passage or to be worn on its own, and its "internal grid structure" retains warmth, breathes, and wicks away perspiration.

Patagonia, (800) 638- 6464; ****

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Step Up

The Xiser Machine ($385) can transform the inside of a small pilothouse to a running course, offering a complete sprinter's workout and taking up only two cubic feet. Its hydraulics produce what is known as "static equilibrium," where the body's center of mass remains constant during a high-frequency stepping workout. And by having the legs work equally against each other, the Xiser utilizes a "no-recovery" method of sprinting, which leads to much greater gains in strength and performance.

Xiser, (800) 756-9073; ****

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Water Weight

AquaBells Dumbbells ($50) are an integral addition to a good workout routine. Simply take the empty weight bags to the swim platform for a quick fillup and you're ready to lift. Each AquaBells dumbbell can be filled to weigh 16 pounds, and each set includes two 13-inch-long bars and eight weights.

AquaBells, (509) 325-7807; ****