Say Goodbye to Grainy GRIB Files

Theyr Weather software manages the data and displays it in a high-resolution format.

Theyr Weather on Fugawi Marine 5

Fugawi Marine 5 navigation systems now include Theyr Weather software.Courtesy Northport Systems

Northport Systems Inc. has enhanced its Fugawi Marine 5 navigation software to include Theyr Weather, which eliminates the need for boaters to sift through low-quality GRIB weather data files and instead creates a simple system for download, management and high-resolution display.

The Theyr Weather upgrade is being sold as a subscription-based add-on to Fugawi Marine 5 through Northport’s X-Traverse cloud service. Packages range from $9.99 per month for a standard service to $149 for a year’s premium service. The premium subscription gives boaters current and forecasted wind, precipitation, air pressure, wave, sea surface temperature, ambient temperature and tidal stream information. Live buoy data is scheduled to come online as well.

Coverage is available for North and South America, Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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