Sanlorenzo Celebrates Another Double Launch

The SL104 Triple Fun and SD92 Mia Rocca IX are the newest editions to Sanlorenzo's fleet.



Sanlorenzo, the prestigious Italian Shipyard focused on the production of motor yachts exclusively tailor-made according to the requirements and style of every single owner, launched in the same day a SL104, of the Sanlorenzo fibreglass planning fleet projected and produced in the Ameglia Division (La Spezia), and a SD92, GRP navettas of 27 meters with semi-displacement hull (SD line) projected and produced in the Viareggio Division.

The SL104 – Triple Fun, with her 31.7 meters length and 7,10 meters beam, represents the fourth hull delivered by Sanlorenzo from the debut of this new model (September 2009) until today. With the SL104, in the unmistakable Sanlorenzo line, matching elegance, balance of volumes, well balanced ratio between empties and full bodies, the Ameglia (La Spezia) shipyard was able to concentrate an extraordinary number of innovations, without knocking in any way the consistent family feeling of the Sanlorenzo planning fleet.

The SD92 – Genie 2, with her 27 meters length and 7,15 meters beam, represents the fifteenth SD92 hull delivered by Sanlorenzo from the debut of this new model (September 2007) until today. The Sanlorenzo navettas, elegant and technologically advanced, stand out in unequivocal way in the yachting world for their layout, which are able to perfectly combine modern lines perfectly with evocative forms, recalling the great transatlantic liners of the 30s.

An unmistakable style and a refined design place the Sanlorenzo yachts to the highest level of the international production, where the Italian Shipyard, in more than 50 years of history, became the synonymous of excellence in terms of quality and attention to details, typical features of the craftsmanship production.

Sanlorenzo shipyards were established in Viareggio in 1958 and up to 1985 the production consisted of semi-custom boats totally wooden-made. In 1985, the first Sanlorenzo fibreglass flying bridge was born, the SL57. In 1999 the company moved to Ameglia into a natural park area (Sanlorenzo is certified “UNI EN ISO 14001” which guarantees the utmost respect for the environment). The lines of the Sanlorenzo fleet have always been extremely classic, never aging.

In April 2005, Massimo Perotti took over from Giovanni Jannetti the shipyards that become Sanlorenzo Spa.

Massimo Perotti, after bringing to completion many of the most original and successful products of the sector, decides to leave the industry figures where he had built his background to join a tradition of absolute perfection and small production numbers. The Sanlorenzo philosophy remains focused on ”‘customization and total dedication to the customer, top notch quality and personal relationships”.

Today Sanlorenzo is based on two divisions: the Ameglia Division, for the production of fibreglass motor yachts ranging between 62 and 108 ft., and the Viareggio Division, for the production of navettas in composite material with semi-displacement hull from 92 to 122 ft. and super yachts in metal (aluminium and steel), from 40 to 50 metres over.