A Rare Sight

The 227-foot Damen Game Changer puts on a show in London.

You could be forgiven if you were in London recently and had to rub your eyes to make sure they weren't playing tricks on you. That's because the 227-foot yacht support vessel Game Changer, built by Damen, was cruising up the Thames. The yacht was putting on an exposition centered around the wide variety of onboard toys it carries — including boats, PWCs, submarines and helicopters.

The last category was of particular import during this voyage, as Damen was trying to promote YSVs as safe alternatives for owners who don’t feel comfortable having helicopters land on boats that are carrying their friends and family. It’s a legitimate concern, and one the Dutch builder sees YSVs as a viable solution to.

Damen's 227-foot Game Changer cruises London waters.Courtesy Yacht Support

Game Changer can hold a helicopter up to five tons in weight, and the YSV's large platform means the birds can land in varying weather conditions, while the yacht's hangar helps protect the chopper from the elements, making for a longer lifespan.

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