The Race, Relived

A new book brings the reader along on one of the world's most challenging offshore races.

Sailing Legends

There are few things more personally demanding than racing a sailboat around the world — there’s the physical strain of working the boat, the lack of sleep and the mental challenge of being at sea, on your own moving island with no one but the yacht’s crew and the boat beneath your feet. Many people crave the adventure; few actually experience it. The new book Sailing Legends, by Bob Fisher and Barry Pickthall, puts the reader in the cockpit and takes him along for the ride, chronicling the history of one of the world’s most challenging offshore races — the Whitbread Round the World Race, now known as the Volvo Ocean Race. The 176-page book brings the race’s 38-year history to life, and breathtaking photography makes this a volume that every yachtsman will cherish. Sailing Legends, $50, Endeavor London Ltd;