Quick Byte: Si-Tex Ultracolor Plus Chart Plotter

Daylight viewing and Guardian Technology top the list of features in the new Ultracolor Plus Charting System from Si-Tex. This navigation tool comes with a built-in WAAS GPS, and it runs the latest C-MapNT+ cartography. Typical of 10.4-inch LCDs, this one has a resolution of 640-by-480 pixels and is adjustable for brightness and contrast. Guardian Technology is a trademarked anti-grounding feature of the C-Map software running on the Ultracolor. If your course takes you within danger of shoals or other charted obstacles, an alarm sounds. The GPS stores a maximum of 1,000 waypoints or marks, 50 routes of 50 waypoints each, or 5,000 track points with five tracks of 1,000 points per track, using seven track patterns. Price: $2,999. Si-Tex Marine Electronics, (727) 576-5734; www.si-tex.com.