ProMariner Closed-Circuit TV

ProMariner recently introduced a handful of products designed to enhance your boat's closed-circuit television, great for monitoring the engineroom, keeping a remote eye on the stern for docking maneuvers or watching the kids' stateroom for signs of mischief.

The low-profile camera is the key component to the system, and it's available in color or black-and-white models. It is waterproof and comes with its own DC power supply.

For single-camera viewing, connect the camera to ProMariner's 6.4-inch TFT color display. It mounts flush or on the surface, and the flip-down screen keeps the display out of the way until you need it. This, too, has its own power supply.

The Multi-Camera Selector lets you control a maximum of four cameras and will automatically scan all of them or let you choose which camera to monitor. Each selector is shockproof and has its own DC power supply.

Quick-disconnect cables ease the installation process. Also available is a wireless transmitter and receiver kit, which transmits on four channels across a maximum distance of 150 feet.

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