Pared Down, Souped Up

Derringer Cycles introduces one sleek, efficient reprovisioning machine.

Derringer Cycles

Inspired by old-time board track racing — a high-speed, high-risk sport of the 1920s in which racers competed on steeply banked oval tracks fabricated of wooden planks — industrial designer Adrian Van Anz set out to create his own version of the cycles that roared around those motordromes. Each of his Derringer cycles is handcrafted and features a moto-hybrid drivetrain that offers a choice of pedal or engine power. Unlike the machines of the ’20s, which raced at speeds of up to 100 mph, 
Derringer Cycles’ version focuses on fuel efficiency, getting up to 180 miles to the gallon and speeds of 35 mph from its ultraclean four-cycle power plants, which meet stringent California Air Resources Board tier 3 emissions standards. You can have one made to your specifications, starting at $2,800, and wouldn’t it be a nice way to get around for reprovisioning?