Outer Reef Launches Nautilus Series

First in the powercatamaran line is a Nautilus 440, with a 650 and 750 to follow.

Outer Reef has launched a Nautilus Series of powercatamarans. First in the series will be a 440 model, with 650 and 750 models scheduled to come next.

The builder is making big promises. According to Ocean Reef, the Nautilus 440 “will surpass all competition in regards to efficiency, at both low and high speeds, due to unique features including a semi-planing underwater form.”

Asymmetrical hulls, a plumb bow and Cummins POD common-rail engines are also part of the design spec.

Beam will be 22 feet 7 inches on the Outer Reef Nautilus 440. Owners can choose a three- or four-stateroom layout, as well as a Premium Package with a full-length master cabin.

For more information about the Nautilus 440, visit www.nautiluspowercats.com.