One More for The Hoff

First Baywatch, then the German music scene, now this.

When a new species of yeti crab, so named for the hairs (or setae) on their body, is found, what do you call it? Well, when the crab has an especially hairy chest, obviously you name it after America’s favorite bare-chested lifesaver — Mr. David Hasselhoff. Earlier this week, a group of UK scientists discovered a new species of yeti crab on the floor of the Southern Ocean during a research expedition. “The nickname on the cruise ship was the ‘Hasselhoff crab,’ which gives you some idea of what they look like,” said Dr. Rogers, of the Oxford University Department of Zoology. “The crab occurs in staggering densities. It is just incredible to see these animals literally lying in heaps around the diffuse flow of these vents. In places, they reached as many as 600 individuals per square meter.” Along with the new species of yeti crab, several other new species were found, including starfish, barnacles, anemones and an octopus; all living in utter darkness in depths of 7,875 feet.