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The Ocea Nemo 44’s mega-hangar carries, well, everything.

July 1, 2016
Ocea Nemo 44 MT, Megayacht
The Ocea Nemo’s stowage spaces and military-grade build let her run way off the beaten path, with a flotilla of toys. Courtesy MCYCO

The Ocea Nemo 44 MT is called a “sport-utility yacht,” but that’s underselling the 144-footer’s ability to transport tenders, personal watercraft, toys or anything else an owner wants. Designer Fulvio De Simoni created a mega-hangar under the raised aft deck, measuring 28 feet by 30 feet, with long side bay doors and side-lifting cranes. The hangar can hold 28- and 15-foot tenders, plus PWCs and several lockers of scuba gear. When tenders are in the water, the hangar is a shaded-but-open social area, connected to the beach club at the transom.

The upper deck is designed for a second group of tenders, including two 27-foot sailboats, with masts up. Italy-based MCYCO says a seaplane, personal sub and even a hot-air balloon are not beyond the realm of possibility here. Like the garage below, the upper deck converts to a social area when the tenders are out. De Simoni designed the raised deck with easy access to a rear cockpit. The 44 is a custom design, so owners could choose to use the raised deck for a swimming pool while maintaining the tender garage below.

The Ocea Nemo 44’s profile has the rugged-but-elegant expedition look that Italians excel at, without appearing clunky. Pods, rather than a traditional engine installation, allot more space to the mega-hangar.

Fulvio De Simoni
Fulvio De Simoni Courtesy MCYCO

Design Notes

Fulvio De Simoni is a renowned designer with clients such as Pershing, Wider and Austin Parker. “We wanted to keep the Ocea Nemo 44’s profile contemporary, even glamorous, but still sporty,” he says.“Raising the aft deck and sides of the yacht let us keep the profile aesthetics and build in a mega-hangar without sacrificing longitudinal strength.” De Simoni also created an open interior. “We didn’t compromise on interior size or anything else,” he says, “even with the mega-hangar.”


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