Need a Sub for Your Toy Box?

The two-person SEAmagine submersible DEEP-C is now on the brokerage market.

Northrop and Johnson, Submersible, Brokerage, DEEP-C
The DEEP-C can fit two passengers.Courtesy Northrop and Johnson

Northrop and Johnson has just listed the two-person submersible DEEP-C on the brokerage market at an asking price of $1.2 million.

The 15-foot sub is an Ocean Pearl model built by SEAmagine in 2010. She is rated for explorations more than 1,000 feet below the ocean’s surface.

Features include underwater communications and HD video systems, GPS navigation, forward-looking sonar, underwater lights, a fly-out ROV with high-definition camera, a cutter/grabber tool and a 65-foot tether.

Northrop and Johnson, Submersible, Brokerage, DEEP-C
SEAmagine’s track record: The company says its submersibles have completed more than 12,000 dives.Courtesy Northrop and Johnson

Unlike some other submersibles used aboard yachts, DEEP-C has a clamshell canopy, which is designed to make entry and exit a bit easier. Mission time is six hours with a 72-hour reserve.

Northrop and Johnson, Submersible, Brokerage, DEEP-C
Get more information: ask for broker Paul Daubner at www.northropandjohnson.comCourtesy Northrop and Johnson