No Junk in this Trunk

Strand Craft 122 comes complete with a “super car” in the garage.

Strand Craft 122

Gray Design

The Strand Craft 122, designed by Eduard Gray features a retractable ramp and garage that houses an exclusive matching “super” car—a setup worthy of a James Bond movie. The custom car can’t be found in any dealership, as it is only available with purchase of the yacht.

        “I actually began work on the supercar first and later began work on the yacht,” said Gray. “I made a conscious decision to match the styling of the car and yacht fairly early on in the process.”

The car boasts a top speed of 230 mph. And the yacht isn’t far behind: With twin MTU 16V4000 diesel engines and a Rolls-Royce turbo booster, it runs a top speed of 55 knots.

        It’s not all under the hood for the Strand Craft 122 as it has four double staterooms, a dining room, a reception area, 52–inch LED TVs with Bang and Olufson sound systems in each room, as well as a crystal chandelier.

When recruited by Strand Craft, Gray was asked to design yacht that would be suitable for the high temperatures of the Middle East.


“For a 38-meter [124-foot] boat, it has a sleeker profile than anything else in the harbor,” said Gray. “Its lack of a sundeck or any walkarounds are actually a consideration to the extreme heat in the Gulf as well as add to the aesthetic cleanness of the form.”

        Only six Strand Craft 122’s will be built. They are expected to be priced at around 25 million dollars.