No Butts About It

The BoatUS Foundation looks for more marinas to join its 2012 Cigarette Litter Prevention Program.

Are cigarette butts littering the water around your harbor driving you nuts? You're not the only one! The BoatUS Foundation has worked with over 117 U.S. marinas in the past three years to reduce cigarette litter.

Now, it seeks more marinas to join its Cigarette Litter Prevention Program for 2012. Marinas can apply online, and if selected for the program, will receive a $500 grant to cover the costs of ash receptacles, along with a supply of portable ashtrays.

In a press release from the BoatUS Foundation, Director of Environmental Programs Susan Shingledecker noted, "Just last year, 43 participating marinas saw an amazing 50% average reduction in the amount of cigarette litter - which ultimately would have ended up in the water."