Name Game: Yachting Readers’ Boat Names

December 3, 2008


ASTREA, my Hinckley-Newman 36, was named for the daughter of Zeus and Themis. When fire was invented and the iron age followed, Astrea didn’t like the pollution. She rose to the stars, where she is the constellation Virgo, the goddess of innocence and purity, according to Bulfinch’s Mythology, The Age of Fable. I found the name while reading a big dictionary. -Steve Galpin


My wife suggested I name our first boat Addiction because she said I am addicted to sailing. So when we bought our second boat (1985 39-foot Jeanneau Sunshine Regatta) she said it had to be Addiction2. -Eric and Kathy Bush


Growing up on Long Island in the 50s and 60s my family owned a 21-foot Thompson named the “AHOY.” I married my college sweetheart, Ann (A.HOY). When we bought our first boat in 1997, I was Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery at Georgetown University, so I was a Georgetown “HOYA.” -Greg Hoy

Black Swan

I know you can only see half the name of Black Swan but I love this photo. It was an informal tradition to have “black” in the name of Midnight Laces. We thought Black Swan reflected the grace of our vessel which we have loved and enjoyed for 24 years from Toronto to the Turks and Caicos. -Stephen and Janet Gold

Blue State

Our boat name was chosen to reflect our political standing. The name also has some alternative meanings. The beautiful Massachusetts coast certainly makes it a blue state. The hull color is in a blue state. Fuel costs during the summer of 2008 sometime put us in a blue state. -Bruce Teris and Robert Baillargeon

Loose Caboose

As a freight train conductor with 31-plus years on the railroad, I always enjoyed riding in the caboose. Now that they are gone from the rear end of trains, I’ve named my yacht for the car where the “boss” of the train rode…Loose Caboose. -Larry A. Fredeen

Mach Buster

My Little Harbor 70 sloop is named Mach Buster. Many years ago I was in a fighter squadron flying the F86. In those days it was an accomplishment to break the sound barrier. Pilots who were able to do this were awarded pins and certificates confirming that achievement. So many years later I thought it appropriate to recapture those moments. As we hit 9 or 10 knots I remember those incredible moments. -Capt Marvin H. schwartz, USAF retired

Pocket Battleship

The Constitution may carry 44 to 50 cannons; I carry 2, both 10-gauge and they fire blanks, at least so far. I use the cannons to start rowing and kayak races and raise mayhem with other more formal yacht club events. -Neal Gray


Pan-a-sea-a has been on our yachts since 1980, on a 1978, 33-foot Chris-Craft; a 1980, 38-foot Chris-Craft; a 1982, 42-foot Uniflyte; a 1985, 50-foot Chris-Craft, and our present 1991, 62-foot Neptunus Sport motoryacht. As my wife and I are practioners of behavioral mental health, the name was derived from the words “panacea,” and “sea.” Our tender, 14-ft Mckeecraft is called: Pan-a-pond-a. -Stan

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