Like MoMA, with Fish

Dive to Andreas Franke's gallery on the ocean floor.

Andreas Franke Art Gallery

Visiting an art museum offers a relaxing opportunity to soak in some culture and reflect on the works of masters. But walking through an art gallery? That is so 2011. Thanks to photographer Andreas Franke and the Vandenberg, a 523-foot sunken troop transport ship from World War II residing on the ocean floor as part of an artificial reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, you have the opportunity to experience an art gallery like never before. The exhibit, "100 Feet Below the Surface," consists of 12 digitally layered photographs by the Austrian artist, attached to the ship's deck with strong magnets. (They are not permanent and won't damage the ship or marine organisms.) After Franke, an avid diver, visited the wreck, he felt inspired to add human life to the ghostly remains. Now divers can view this show while taking in the wildlife and reef environment. If you can't get down there yourself, you can view the images or order prints at