Message in a Bottle

A bottle sent off to sea by Brad Van Liew during the Velux 5 Oceans race is recovered by a seven-year-old from Poland.

Message in a Bottle

Zbigniew Raczynski

Tate, Brad Van Liew's eight-year-old, needed some reassurance before her father left for the Velux 5 Oceans Race, according to a press release from Van Liew's Le Pingouin/Team Lazarus. So, she gave her father a message in a bottle to send off at the equator, hoping to one day find out where the bottle went.

Nine months after Van Liew fulfilled his child's request, the family received a letter from Poland. Michael Raczynski, a second grader, had found the bottle in St. Maarten, 2,250 miles away from its original location. Raczynski included photos of the bottle and the note in the letter.

In the press release, Van Liew stated, "I'm shocked. I would have expected it to maybe land on a beach in Brazil. Instead the bottle traveled more than 2,250 miles to arrive in St. Maarten. Just think, if it had travelled even further into the Caribbean it could have hooked into the Gulfstream and made it all the way to Europe."

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