Lock It Up

A keyless locking system provides security and peace of mind.

RMP Security

RMP Security

RMP Security has introduced a keyless security lock system to better protect your vessel. Mount the locking mechanism to the interior of a galley door, lazarette, hatch, closet, toolbox or any other compartments you wish to secure and can all be unlocked by a single portable keypad.

All the locks on board can be opened by one code or individual codes depending on your preference, a great feature for owners who turn their vessels over to a boat yard crew or cleaning service. The system can provide them with the necessary access, while keeping valuables, such as your precious liquor cabinet, secured.

"Locks can be programmed with times locks are permitted to operate, time lock is to re-lock, a code for one-time vendor access and so on,” says Mark Nielsen, sales director of RMP Security.

With the locking mechanism mounted on the inside of the door, the system provides a higher level of protection from would-be thieves who can’t even see the type of system they are up against. _RMP Security, __949-472-0959_