Learn on Your Own Boat

Sea Sense instructors will be in the Pacific Northwest, New England this summer.

Sea Sense boating instruction

Sea Sense instructors come to your boat and help you learn whatever you need about handling, maintenance, and maneuvering.Courtesy Sea Sense

Sea Sense, which for nearly 25 years has been offering on-water boating instruction, is now offering courses called On Your Own Boat. Instructors will be in the Pacific Northwest and New England this summer, teaching individuals or couples how to operate their own vessels.

“Everyone onboard should have their own toolbox of knowledge,” says Capt. Patti Moore, co-founder of Sea Sense. “For couples, as they build their boating skills together, we teach them to work as a team. Communication between couples is the key to successful cruising.”

Classes are tailored to meet the needs of the individual, couple or family. Instructors can help with everything from maneuvering the boat to understanding onboard systems. The cost is $400 per day.

Previous clients who have found onboard teaching beneficial include a couple from Hampton, New Jersey, who were longtime sailors before buying a powerboat.

“We found we were way out of our depth,” they stated in a press release. “Our comfort and confidence levels for docking and maneuvering our own boat have increased tremendously in the three years we’ve owned Car-Lay, and it’s all due to having Sea Sense spend a few days onboard with us.”

Learn more at www.seasenseboating.com.