Kiss Your Local Technician Goodbye

KVH TracPhone V3IP terminal pairs world’s tiniest VSAT antenna with integrated modem.

April 25, 2013

KVH TracPhone V3IP

The new KVH TracPhone V3IP. Courtesy KVH

How many maritime VSAT systems have you seen that require a local technician to configure a full rack of modems, antennae, controllers, switches, adapters and servers built by a half-dozen different manufacturers?

KVH is betting that you’ve seen one too many, and the company is offering a streamlined solution in its new TracPhone V3IP terminal.

The TracPhone V3IP terminal combines the world’s smallest maritime VSAT antenna with the smallest and most integrated belowdecks equipment: KVH’s new Integrated CommBox Modem. That modem eliminates the need to package all kinds of equipment together, and instead comes streamlined with a single enclosure that features an IP-enabled antenna control unit, a built-in CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager, an ArcLight spread spectrum modem with IP voice capability, an Ethernet switch, and WiFi connectivity.


“The TracPhone V3IP offers a complete end-to-end solution for managing both IT functions and communications on board a variety of maritime vessels,” says Brent Bruun, executive vice president of KVH’s mobile broadband group. “It delivers data at up to 2 Mbps over mini-VSAT broadband, the world’s leading maritime VSAT service. It’s similar in size to competing L-band systems, but delivers data at a far lower cost, especially for vessels that consume a relatively low amount of data each month.”

With an antenna dish that’s 14.5 inches in diameter, the TracPhone V3IP is intended for boats 30 feet and larger. The system is meant to be easy for laymen to operate, with a web browser-based interface that can be accessed via an optional iPhone app.

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