Ketos to Viareggio

Rossi Navi's new Ketos 48-meter is towed to Viareggio to complete its outfitting.

On March 20, Rossi Navi's Ketos 48-meter was towed from the shipyard in Pisa to Viareggio, where the outfitting of the new yacht will be completed.

According to the manufacturer, "Ketos summarizes both elegance and aggressiveness: the first one is conveyed by the clean and slender external lines and volumes, wherever the second one is given by the many details recalling the aircraft as well as the car design milieu."

The Ketos is completely aluminum-built and has two and a half decks. The top speed of the yacht, according to the company, is 17.4 knots. Large windows are electronically operated to provide natural light, and the Ketos also features a sky lounge and a Jacuzzi pool. The delivery is scheduled for April 2013.

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