Keep Track

Follow transoceanic fleets and individual adventurers with Yellowbrick's free iPhone app.

Yellowbrick iPhone App

Yellowbrick, the global tracking provider, has released an app for the iPhone (with one on the way for Android operating systems) that allows users to track vessels — from transoceanic fleets to individual adventurers — in real time on their mobile devices. Using the app, sailors or friends and family on shore will be able to see the position of participants on a map, review leader board information for races, keep up on social media posts (and see images, if provided) and replay the action to see a course history. The first event to take advantage of the app was the 2011 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, raced last November and December. The Yellowbrick app is available for free in the app store (search "Yellowbrick"), with individual events costing between $1.50 and $3 each.