It’s What’s on the Inside that Matters

Audi trades four wheels for three hulls and a pair of electric PWCs.

Audi Trimaran


Audi commissioned the design of a 49-foot trimaran motoryacht to showcase its diesel-engine technology and its commitment to the environment. It also promotes Audi’s “brand values — progressive, sporty and premium.” Designed in Germany by Stephanie Behringer, under the watchful eye Audi Concept Design, the low-resistance yacht will be powered by two turbocharged direct-injection V-12 diesel engines mounted in the main hull. Top speed is about 30 knots. A pair of electric PWCs, one in each ama, provides all the thrust the yacht needs at speeds up to 8 knots when the wind, current and seas are light. A charging system run off the main engines recharges their batteries.

The Audi Trimaran Yacht accommodates 12 people on two long benches on the lounge-inspired upper deck. A table in the center of the deck can be recessed when not in use to optimize space. The panoramic glass roof is intended to protect passengers from a head wind while providing them with protection from the sun; the tall gunwales protect guests against spray. There is also room for guests who wish to spend the night on the hook in one of the yachts four berths.