It Took Not One, but Two Cranes

The first Sunrise 63M yacht is launched on schedule to premiere in Monaco this fall.

Sunrise Yachts 63M

Sunrise Yachts 63M

Sunrise Yachts in Antalya, Turkey, has launched its first 63M, a 206-foot yacht that is expected to premiere at the Monaco Yacht Show this autumn. Her name will be Irimari.

The launch required the use of two 700-ton cranes aboard the heavy-lifter ship HHL Valparaiso (that's her red hull in the background of the photo above). HHL Valparaiso lifted Irimari from her cradle on the dock and moved her into the water, a maneuver that the builder says "had many holding their breath for a few long moments."

Espen Oeino is the exterior designer, with interiors by Focus Yacht Design in Germany and naval architecture by Unique Yacht Design in Turkey.

Design details: Steel hull with aluminum superstructure.

Expected performance: 17-knot top speed with a range of more than 5,000 nautical miles.

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