Invictus 240FX: Special FX

The Invictus 240FX is a sporty and versatile boat, with Italian flair to spare.

Invictus Yachts 240FX
The 240FX can easily cruise at 25 knots and can hold up to eight people. These traits make her well-suited as a tender.Courtesy Invictus
Christian Grande
Christian Grande requires little introduction to avid yachtsmen. With the 240, he sought to imbue “purity and strength” into the design, Invictus says. He also elongated the waterline length for increased stability and interior space.Courtesy Invictus

To Italians, few things are more important than style and food. Borgia-based ­Invictus Yacht understands this. The company has developed a modular boat that not only can whisk you from seaside village to seaside village with movie-star elegance, but that also will help you arrive with a fresh haul of branzino for mama’s cucina.

WHOM IT'S FOR: The 240FX can be configured for cruising with forward ­seating or left open for fishing, so its appeal should be broad. The boat is ­ideal for someone who enjoys the center console concept but desires something a bit different to help him stand out at the marina.

PICTURE THIS: The Mediterranean sun sinks behind you as you zip back to your slip in Portofino at 40 knots. You've called ahead to ask your wife to put a bottle of Gavi on ice. It will pair well with the afternoon's catch, resting in the 240's cooler. You sigh and think: This is it. This is what they mean when they say la dolce vita.